Tuesday, October 9, 2012


We have some very good news we'd like to share.  After four years of people asking when we planned to have baby number two, we're happy to say the day has finally come.  Come May 3, 2013, our sweet Ruby girl will be an only child no more.  She has been praying for a baby brother or sister for quite some time now, and she is super excited that her prayers have been answered.  She does not however think it's "very fair" that she has to wait so long to meet her sibling.  She's also quite positive it's going to be a girl.  :  )

Ruby was the first person we told and we let her break the news to both of her Grandmas and Grandpas at dinner last night.  She did a great job keeping the secret until I gave her the go ahead, which was a small miracle.

A five year spread between kids was definitely not what I had planned for our family, but as we all know, life rarely goes according to our plans.   Regardless, I am so excited to be a momma all over again, and as an only child, I am super excited for Ruby to be a big sister.  The look on her face when I told her was priceless, and I can't even imagine the smile when she meets her brother/sister for the first time.  One of many amazing memories to come I'm sure.


Amber said...

CONGRATULATIONS! that is so awesome....5 years is nothing! try 9! ha!

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Jessi said...

that first look from ruby to her new sibling is priceless... i can still see chase's face. so happy for you guys!