Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ruby Tuesday Relived...

(2 days old)

What's old is new again...this post is actually my last blog post on myspace before i switched over to my Vintage Ruby Lemon blog. The reason I am reposting is because i plan to eventually have my blog turned into a book as a gift to give Ruby when she is older. I thought that was such a cool idea, something we can all look back on and remember a time when things were so different...i get teary just thinking about it, it is amazing how quickly time passes! Anyway, withouth further adieu, here goes! (originally posted on August 2, 2008)

okay, so in three days my baby girl will four weeks old, so I figure I should get my butt in gear & fill everyone in on the details! On tuesday, July 8th, I woke up at 5:30 in the morning in shock as my water broke! Being as that my due date wasn't for another six and a half weeks, I couldn't believe it; I was totally in denial...I called my mom first & then my doctor who told me I needed to go to the hospital immediately (after she made sure I hadn't just confused my water breaking with an accident!- I think I know the difference!) I asked if I could take a shower first to which she said no, I then asked if they might be able to just put me on bed rest at home instead of making me spend the rest of my pregnancy in the hospital, to which she gave me a more emphatic & definite no! All I have to say is she's lucky I shaved my legs right before I went to bed the night before, or I would have been forced to rebel against the no shower demand! anyway, after I threw the sheets in the wash & cleaned up the bed, (I was not going to let that sit!) I grabbed my blankey & my "what to expect when your expecting" book, I just kept looking around the house trying to figure out what to take as I had nothing packed or ready, when finally daniel made me leave the house & go to the hospital, but not before I gave broccoli a hundred kisses.

(11 days old)

we were at the hospital by 6am & they had me checked in by 6:30. I was already dilated to 3 centimeters with no contractions which led them to believe I was going to have my baby before the day was over, & I was going to have a speedy delivery... yeah right! long s tory short I started pushing around eleven & ruby didn't arrive until 8:06 pm. Thanks to the epidural, labor wasn't really that bad, but I was freakin exhausted & wanted nothing more than to take a nap! They did let me take a break somewhere near the halfway point & I powered up with another dose of my epidural, thank you Jesus for drugs!

When ruby finally decided to arrive at 8:07pm, daniel & I each got to hold her for a brief minute before they whisked her off to the nicu (neonatal intensive care unit). I had been warned she may need to stay as long as five or six weeks due to her being so premature, but we were blessed and she only had to stay six days. The only reason she had to stay that long was so they could make sure she was able to coordinate her breathing & eating skills, as often times premature babies have pulmonary problems due to immature lungs. We couldn't believe how quickly they released her, in fact we were almost hoping they would keep her a bit longer as we had NOTHING ready for our baby girl! Her room was a mess, her furniture hadn't arrived; the crib was not put together, and so on & so on! That monday consisted of us rushing around, me to get her coming home outfit, washing all her clothes & blankeys, running to target to buy diapers etc., and daniel installing her car seat & putting together her swing, all while the direct TV. guy was here installing our cable!

We picked ruby up around 6:30 pm & brought her home to a disaster of a house, not ideal for an ocd control freak like myself. I'm pretty sure God is trying to teach me I am definitely NOT in control! Since then she has been the best baby! All she does is sleep, sleep, sleep! She would probably sleep thru the night if I let her, but because she is so small, I have to wake her up & make her eat, and I do mean MAKE her eat, she is a lazy little potato! And so I have done my motherly duty by posting the particulars on my little lulu lemons entrance into this world, although I'm sure you stopped reading about half way thru my ramblings…but I had to get it all down on paper before I forgot any of the details on the most exciting day of my life! Thank you to everyone for the well wishes, the presents, and the meals! We have been so blessed by all of our friends and family & we are so grateful for your kindness and our beautiful healthy baby girl!

(me & ru at 2 weeks)

(one of my favorite pics)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Four Months...

one day late! Yesterday you turned four months old and i can't believe how big you've gotten! Tomorrow you go for your four month checkup and i wouldn't be surprised if they tell me to ease up on the bottles! Okay, maybe not...but for such a tiny little preemie, you wasted no time catching up. It took you a little longer to get there, but you are now rolling over from your tummy to your back, cooing, smiling up a storm and laughing (at really random things :) ). You are decidedly a morning person, smiling from the second you wake up, which you clearly did NOT get from your momma! You love staring at cieling fans, both on and off...sucking on your fists (just can't find that thumb!), and you are starting to take an interest in your big brother broccoli, who is quite fond of licking up any leftovers you might expell. You look like your daddy, with the exception of your button nose...your hair is reddish blonde (what little you have) and your eyes have turned from slate gray to a deep blue. I am so blessed to be your mommy and i am so thankful for such a healthy, beautiful baby girl!!! i love you mean it!