Sunday, March 8, 2009

Eight Months Old!

Are you cereal? Yes it's true, today you are eight months old! No huge developments in the last month, but you have come up with a few new things worth mentioning. You LOVE to bounce, and you do so whenever you get the chance. Still no teeth, and absolutely NO interest in crawling, but you love to stand and will walk, with us holding your hands of course. My favorite new development is when you see us coming to get you, you put your arms up...not as if you are going to put them around our neck, but in order to grab onto our fingers (or "handlebars" as daddy calls them) so you can pull yourself up from a sitting to a standing position. You enjoy sitting on our bed and squealing/screaming with delight for ridiculous amounts of time as you explore your voice and its ability to light up the baby monitor. So I guess that's you in a nutshell at eight months! I love you my little monkey bear!