Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day BBQ

Ruby spent her first Memorial Day at Marina Park with all of the softball peeps from Daniel's Wednesday night league. After much debate we decided to bring the dogs (broccoli & our part-time foster dog Summer) along. It turns out we weren't the only ones with that idea because all together there were eight dogs in our gang. The dogs were in heaven and Ruby was thoroughly amused. Daniel let her ride side saddle on Munch, the ginormous dog she is pictured with and she especially loved our friends dalmatian Pongo. I wish I had taken a picture of all the dogs together, but alas, I did not! :( I also failed to get a picture of Ru with her friend Clara, but the girls had a good time playing on the blanket together and I look forward to them chasing each other around when they get older. It was a fun day spent with friends...I'll let the pictures say the rest.

me and my little tomboy...she reminds me of my grandpa in this hat.

first time eating watermelon...yum!

she loves to point...think she's going to be bossy?

this dog is just a little bigger than the one at my house...

Friday, May 8, 2009

Ten Months...

Is that even possible? Today my baby is ten months old! This past month has been a big one, packed full of milestones. You have finally learned to crawl and you are quite happy with yourself. You made your very first crawl on our fifth anniversary and it was the best gift ever. It's such a bizarre feeling seeing this little creature who for ten months was totally reliant on us for transportation, who can now get around all by her big girl self! You "say" ma-ma, da-da, and na-na, but there is absolutely no correlation to anything as of yet. You understand NO, but you generally choose to acknowledge and then ignore it...i have come to realize in the last month that i am going to have a very strong-willed little girl on my hands! You love to wave now, and just today you started "talking" as you wave, and it actually sounds like your saying "hi-eee" but I think it's safe to say your just mimicking the high pitch we use when trying to elicit a wave from you. You have also learned to clap your hands, though you rarely do so empty handed. You prefer to clap with a ball in each hand, usually obtained from your toy train, which you have also figured out how to turn on all by yourself. You're able to pull yourself up with no assistance, although sometimes I think you forget how to sit back down. :) You are getting over a nasty cold right now and I feel so bad for you, that hoarse little cry is so pitiful. There's nothing I wouldn't do to keep you from feeling so miserable. Get better little one, I love you tons!

on the move!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Swings & Cinni's

We had quite a busy weekend at the Green residence. On Friday Ruby decided it was finally time and started crawling. I think it was her little anniversary gift to us as her lack of mobility was becoming a MAJOR source of frustration for her and thus a major source of frustration for can only carry around a 21 pound baby for so long!

Friday night my mom picked Ruby up so Daniel & I could celebrate our fifth anniversary. We had a lovely evening out at La Creperie and enjoyed a delicious dinner/dessert and great live music. Afterwords we cruised around Second Street and ducked into a little restaurant for a nightcap. Well, to be fair,Daniel had a nightcap and I had a cherry coke! ;)

Napoleon Crepes(fresh strawberries & creme brulee)Dee-lish-us!

Sunday morning I attended the Child Dedication Class at church,(Daniel stayed home with poor Ru who is battling a cold and teething) so Ruby can be dedicated on Mother's Day. We started today off with some warm Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls, which we refer to as Cinni's at our house. It was Ru's first time experiencing this tasty treat & it was definitely LOVE. This afternoon she decided to repay us by taking a THREE, count em' THREE hour nap. During this time Daniel & I worked our behindess's off in the yard. I weeded for entirely too long (and have the sunburn and tight muscles to prove it) pruned a bunch & planted LOTS. Our yard isn't the prettiest, but after four years of apartment dwelling, I'm happy to have a yard & I'm trying to add to it's beauty little by little. So in our efforts to improve upon it's appearance, we cleared out the entire side run and planted seeds which will hopefully yield beautiful vines soon. In the back yard I planted two packets of wildflower mix that I got at the dollar section of Target. Hopefully they too will bloom and cheer up the giant, dreary planter box that has yielded nothing but weeds thus far.

To finish off a lovely day, we walked to Hole Mole for a yummy Mexican dinner. On the way home we stopped at the park and let the beebs have her very first swing ride. As you can tell by the video it was quite a success! There is nothing better than that laugh, it makes me smile just writing about it. So that's it, our weekend in a nutshell...hopefully all the hard work will pay off and I'll be posting pics of a yard in bloom sometime soon!