Monday, May 4, 2009

Swings & Cinni's

We had quite a busy weekend at the Green residence. On Friday Ruby decided it was finally time and started crawling. I think it was her little anniversary gift to us as her lack of mobility was becoming a MAJOR source of frustration for her and thus a major source of frustration for can only carry around a 21 pound baby for so long!

Friday night my mom picked Ruby up so Daniel & I could celebrate our fifth anniversary. We had a lovely evening out at La Creperie and enjoyed a delicious dinner/dessert and great live music. Afterwords we cruised around Second Street and ducked into a little restaurant for a nightcap. Well, to be fair,Daniel had a nightcap and I had a cherry coke! ;)

Napoleon Crepes(fresh strawberries & creme brulee)Dee-lish-us!

Sunday morning I attended the Child Dedication Class at church,(Daniel stayed home with poor Ru who is battling a cold and teething) so Ruby can be dedicated on Mother's Day. We started today off with some warm Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls, which we refer to as Cinni's at our house. It was Ru's first time experiencing this tasty treat & it was definitely LOVE. This afternoon she decided to repay us by taking a THREE, count em' THREE hour nap. During this time Daniel & I worked our behindess's off in the yard. I weeded for entirely too long (and have the sunburn and tight muscles to prove it) pruned a bunch & planted LOTS. Our yard isn't the prettiest, but after four years of apartment dwelling, I'm happy to have a yard & I'm trying to add to it's beauty little by little. So in our efforts to improve upon it's appearance, we cleared out the entire side run and planted seeds which will hopefully yield beautiful vines soon. In the back yard I planted two packets of wildflower mix that I got at the dollar section of Target. Hopefully they too will bloom and cheer up the giant, dreary planter box that has yielded nothing but weeds thus far.

To finish off a lovely day, we walked to Hole Mole for a yummy Mexican dinner. On the way home we stopped at the park and let the beebs have her very first swing ride. As you can tell by the video it was quite a success! There is nothing better than that laugh, it makes me smile just writing about it. So that's it, our weekend in a nutshell...hopefully all the hard work will pay off and I'll be posting pics of a yard in bloom sometime soon!


Anonymous said...

I love the swings, love La Crepeire and my baby is getting dedicated on Mother's Day too!
Plus--Hole Mole is FABOO!!!

LoveLladro said...

Amanda, she is just gorgeous! Love that sweet baby laugh too! Isn't it funny how life changes... time with the family, making your home better and being productive sounds like an awesome weekend!

jengen said...

I love this blog! Ruby is so lucky that her Mom takes the time to write about her milestones and all the amazing details that make her who she is. I smiled and got tears in my eyes when I saw the video of her swinging. You guys are such great parents and so blessed. Man, am I hormonal or what? LOL. (: I need to get on the stick and start a blog for Clarabear...

Girl Nugget said...

Oh Lemon's laugh is soooo sweet.