Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Because She's Blave

Today was my baby girl's first day of preschool. We've been talking it up ALL Summer, but especially the last month. This past week every time we'd ask Ru if she was excited to start school, the answer was the same. " I'm not afraid of pleschool. I'm a blave girl." We sometimes like to replace our R's with L's. : ) Well apparently our plan worked because it wasn't just talk, the girl took her first day of school in stride. As you can tell by the first photo, she was nothing but excited!

Showing off her Monkey Pack-Pack

Walking to School

Crossing with Daddy

Teddy Bear Preschool

All Summer long EVERY time we drove by this sign, she would proclaim "There's my pleschool!" And when we weren't passing by, she would ask if we could drive by her preschool. When I would explain that we weren't anywhere near her school, I was usually given the typical "Awwww" response.

With her best bud Hudson

Love this expression...maybe a tad nervous?

Nope, this is one brave girl!

I was fully expecting a meltdown at some point. I thought she would be brave until she realized this was "for reals". I'm so glad she proved me wrong. Because she was so happy and excited, I was able to leave her without a single tear shed. Her best buddy Hudson is in the same class with her and I think that helped her to feel more comfortable from the get go. Her teacher also earned major Brownie points right off the bat by noticing her new shoes, "They're HELLO KITTY!" she yelled with pure excitement. NOTHING excites my girl more than a new pair of shoes, so her birthday shoes (courtesy of Ebby Debi) that we saved for the first day of school were an awesome ice breaker. You don't even know how that makes my heart smile, because what, more than new shoes totally encompasses that first day experience? Nothing I say. Nothing!

About to enter her class for the very first time!

Getting her name tag on.

So she went right in, talked to her teacher like they were old chums and went to town doing all sorts of fun things. She's already chosen what she wants to take to class for show & tell on Thursday, and ever since I told her she'll get to wear her costume to school for a Halloween Parade, Halloween cannot come soon enough! We celebrated her big day with lunch at Chik-fil-a with best buddies Hudson and Clara. I couldn't have asked for a better first day, this mommas heart is quite full tonight.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Birds Of A Feather...

Flock together!
Since we had coordinating hair accessories this morning, thought I might as well document the fact that for the most part, this is the look on my baby's face when i check her into Sunday School. That is unless her regular teacher, Miss Bekah isn't there...then it gets dicey. Sunday mornings are so much happier now that I don't have to spend the entire service wondering how she's doing and sneaking out to check on her. Turns out consistancy ( of going EVERY week and to the same service) has it's rewards. And it certainly doesn't hurt that the two year old class gets animal cookies and fruit gummies, a definite menu upgrade from the grahm crackers in the toddler class. Happy Sunday everyone!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Funny Valentines...

No romantic dinner for two for the Greens this year. Daniel had to work most of the day so we celebrated family style. We started the morning with opening a few "Valentine Treats" and followed it up with a good old game of Candy Land. After that we dined on a very fancy lunch at McDonald's with the other Amanda Green. She captured the fabulous photo above. This is Ruby's "pirate face", or the look she gives us anytime we ask her to smile for a photo. It's usually accompanied by a "shiver me timbers" and it cracks me up!

In her Valentines "dancing dress" with her new heart sunnies...

Since miss thang is a bit on the spoiled side (think only grand child), i thought it would be good if she got into the practice of taking goodies to other people instead of always being on the receiving end. With that in mind i picked up a few goodies at Target and made a little assembly line for Ru so she could stuff the goody bags. After she filled them i got to try out my new Cricut machine to make the tags and i must say it was love at first print. i can't wait for my next excuse to use it.

On Valentine's Day, Ruby delivered her treats to all ten of the neighbor kids and she loved every moment of it. Here she is with her friend Ryan who lives next door to us. Ryan is two years older than Ruby and i'm pretty sure she thinks she's the bees knees! ; )

I love any excuse to decorate and Valentine's is no exception. In addition to my new go to holiday craft of bunting, i also discovered Acrylic Paint Pens at Michael's that are meant for writing on glass. Perfect for the person who has a HUGE window hanging on their wall right? What, you don't have a ginormous re purposed window salvaged from your parents window renovation project hanging in your house?!? : ) I'm always looking for ways to decorate this beast around the holidays and these markers fit the bill perfectly, but you could also use it on mirrors. Much easier cleanup than lipstick i would think. i will probably be investing in a few more colors and putting them to use on birthdays and other special occasions. When you're sick of it, comes right off with a little rubbing alcohol, easy peasy! please excuse my not so cute writing...

Hope you and yours had a very happy heart day...how did you spend your Valentines?