Monday, July 27, 2009

Summertime in the LBC

free ride to the beach...

L.O.V.E.S. the beach, not afraid of the water at all!

We haven't done anything particularly exciting this summer thus far, but that's not to say we haven't been keeping busy. Between planning Ru's birthday party, concerts in the park, doctor appointments and trying to keep cool in our inflatable pool & via trips to the beach, we don't seem to have too much summer left. We will be taking a quick overnight trip to San Juan Capistrano next saturday for my cousin mikey's wedding, and the week after daniel & i will be road tripping to vegas for three days to celebrate his and our friend robby's 30th birthdays. I look forward to planning more extensive family vacations in the future when miss lemon is old enough to enjoy them.

What do you mean babies aren't supposed to play with cords....waiting to see dr. mahli

That's not to say i'm rushing her progress! I'm eating up every last drop of this stage as she is hardly a baby anymore. We took her to her one year appointment last monday, and she is 30 & 3/4 inches long and 23 & 1/2 pounds. That puts her in the 90th percentile for height and 75th for weight. My little preemie has definitely made up for being such a small newborn(by matthis standards...we tend to have LARGE babies). She is walking now, though she prefers to crawl for daniel & i. She walks like a champ for my mom and she also likes to walk with her push wagon which Rachel recommended to us. She LOVES it and i would pass the recommendation on to anyone. So i guess that's all for now, i'll let the pictures say the rest!

Push cart'n her way to El Burrito Jr...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Let There Be Cake!

This past Saturday we celebrated your birthday fiesta style in our backyard. It was a beautiful, sunshiny (read HOT) day full of food, family and fun. We had some tasty Mexican food from Hole Mole and a delicious cake with fresh strawberries from Torrance Bakery, apparently your momma sticks with what she likes because your mommy & daddy had Mexican food and the very same cake at their wedding... :) I bedazzeled you your very own birthday wand, hemmed some cute red and white polka dot table cloths with the help of your grandma green and assembled personalized goody bags. Your birthday was a very good excuse to get crafty and I enjoyed every minute of the party planning process. You were a happy bear all day and had fun playing with your bff's Clara and Naila and you really loved being pulled around in your new radio flyer wagon from Grammy and Poppy. It was a special day and I look forward to celebrating your special day every year.

Your cake topper and citrus centerpieces...

Now, onto your official belated one year post.
At one year old, you still say only one word (hi), you have your two bottom teeth and though you aren't yet walking, you can stand on your own for some time. You love to push things around on the ground while crawling; an upside down colander, junk mail, the dog bed...anything will do really, and you find it quite entertaining. Your newest thing is making your squinchy face and snorting air out of your nose. You think it's hilarious and it makes us laugh every time. You also get a kick out of "fake laughing" anytime you hear someone laugh. You love airplanes, playing tug-o-war with broccoli and yelling at us when you want us to share whatever we're eating. You don't stop yelling until you get a piece, even if you've just been fed and when that piece is gone, you yell for the next bite.

Diggin into your cake...

Checkin' out your new ride...

Matchy matchy with Grandma Green

You & Clara who found your birthday wand to be quite scrumptious!

You & your bff Naila...

Me & my polka dotted princess

Makin your squinchy face with your birthday wand...

Exhausted after a long day of eating cake and opening presents!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Lemon!

One year ago today, i got the best gift in my life. Ruby Louise Lemon Green suprised us and arrived six and a half weeks early.

This is the day we got to take you home from the NICU, after your six day stay at Long Beach Memorial...your daddy looks a little nervous! :)

Today you get to graduate to your Throne as i like to refer to it, and being that you met the 20 pound weight requirement some months back, you also get to face forward in the car now...hooray!

your daddy looks just a little bit more comfortable now, no? ;) you melted his heart monkey bear!

Happy Birthday My Little Lemon! We love you tons!

I will post your official one year update later!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

You're a grand old flag, you're a high flying
flag and forever in peace may you wave!