Thursday, January 8, 2009

half a year how you've grown!

Today you are six months old and i can't believe how big you are! Sixteen pounds of sweetness to love on. I must kiss you a million times a day and it never gets old. You rolled over from your back to your tummy for the first time last week, however you decided to do it for your grandma, so i have yet to see the evidence. You are starting to sit up on your own, you're eating 8 ounce bottles four times a day (on the dot, you're quite prompt actually) but that will change in four days after your six month checkup, it's on to rice cereal and beyond! You're holding your food down, which is quite a feat, as for sometime one of your nicknames has been "uncle spitty". You are "talking" our ears off, you love to snuggle and you love to watch your brother broccoli. You now suck your thumb rather than your entire fist...your hair has all fallen out & is now growing back in like a blonde flat-top & your eyes are still a beautiful crystal blue. You've developed quite the little personality in the last month and everyday is something new. Never in our lives has anything brought such joy to us, you make us smile even on the worst of days & we couldn't be more grateful!


Cave Momma said...

She is so darn cute!! When she gets to crawling and what-not we should get together. Her and Olivia would have a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS!!!! Precious!