Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pay My Automo-bills, Pay My Telepone-bills...

Okay maybe not yet, but paper is the latest and greatest around our house! I have always been a firm believer that kids with too many toys that get everything their hearts desire don't learn creativity & how to use their imagination. I also lean towards the idea that no matter how many fancy things you buy for your kids, they tend to be the most amused by the cheapest thrills, such as a bargain found at a garage sale, or a fun hand-me-down. Last night I was trying to pay the bills and the little missy was NOT having it! We tried lying down, sitting up, playing with toys, but she wanted my FULL attention. She kept trying to get to the reciepts as I reviewed our credit card charges, so when I was done, I gifted her will all the reciepts that would be making their way to the trash....BRILLIANT! She entertained herself for a good thirty minutes, just long enough for me to finish all the bills. Tonight, paper was our friend yet again when we went to Buca De Beppo's for dinner with Danny's parents. She was lovin' her some paper menu's and all the noise she could make with them. Just goes to show you, kids can entertain themselves with just about anything, if you let them!

One of her new favorite things to do is chew on her bottom lip!
Ru & her best good friend(broccoli)


Cave Momma said...

Aw, so cute!! She looks fantastic in green! And yes, paper is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Paper is ALWAYS the choice!