Saturday, July 31, 2010

Two Too Soon...

I realize I am a few weeks behind with this post, but that's actually a good thing. You see, I tend to be an all or nothing sort of person...Ruby turned two three weeks ago and I am just now getting around to blogging about it. How is any of this related you ask? Well, I tend to live life in absolutes, time lines, etc...meaning, in my mind this post should have been done on Ru's actual birthday or not at all. Sounds silly I know, but that's how my twisted brain works. Normally I would have stayed up late to complete this on time, no matter the circumstances or how stressed out it made me or what else fell to the wayside as a result. I am trying to be better about really enjoying my time at home with my girl and not being so concerned with crossing things off my self imposed to-do list in a timely manner (ie. posting on my blog). I also entend to do a seperate post on the birthday party, but I'm waiting on the amazing photos taken by my sister. That being said, here is a glimpse of my favorite girl at age two!

Ruby Lou,
I can't believe how fast the last two years have flown by! You are such a funny little person now. I still call you "the baby" though I swore I would never be one of those parents, but now I understand. You will always be my baby no matter how big you get and let me tell you, you aren't exactly small considering you're only two years old! You are 36 inches tall and weigh 29 1/2 pounds. You're off the charts in height and your daddy is a little worried you are going to be uber tall, but I know you will be perfect. You still love momma to rock you before bed, but you have a very hard time getting comfortable due to all those long limbs.

Enjoying your pink doughnut and getting a birthday high five...

You are definitely a girly girl. You love pink, it is your favorite color and every morning when i ask "what should you wear today?" I get the same answer, "PINK!" You love accessories of any kind, hats, watches, necklaces and your favorite, "Sunnies". Whenever I put you in a dress or a skirt you yell "dance!" and proceed to do so. You love to have your nails painted and list everyone you know and the color of their toes. I have a feeling you are going to have a shoe collection that will rival Imelda Marcos when you are older...I have never met a two year old who is so excited to wear new shoes as you are, it literally puts a pep in your step! Just this morning I got a new pair of chucks from your closet and the first thing you said was "fit?" (I always tell you when we're trying something on to see if it fits). You also LOVE to wear other peoples shoes...momma's, daddy's, onnie's, you don't discriminate, but heels are your favorites, hands down!

Pink Jams Daddy brought you from Thailand, Tierra momma got you at the Target $1 bin... : )

You love to have books read to you, but you also love to "read" to yourself. I love walking in on you surrounded by a pile of books just jabbering away. You have also started pretending and it's so funny to here you play with your doll house. It usually sounds something like this..." jibber jabber, jibber jabber, mommy, daddy, no no no!" You know all your colors and you love to count to ten in English and Spanish. You learn new words every day and I just can't get over it. Pretty soon your vocabulary will be better than mine!

Cute things you say:
"Hold you"- Pick me up.
"Self"- I want to do it myself.
"Pooter"-This is what you say when daddy's not home and you want to Skype.
"No not"- This is what you say mischievously every time I tell you I love you!
"Peasant"-This is what you call your doll stroller, even though you know the word for stroller, because it was your birthday present.

You pushin' your "peasant" with your new baby tucked inside...

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Ru'sGrammy said...

glad to hear you are workin' on that compulsive behavior. :-) love every update and LOVE both of my girly girls! <3