Friday, September 26, 2008

Where to Start...

(she's keepin an eye on you...okay, maybe two eyes)

Okay, so i was so excited to start this blog & the more i read other peoples blogs, the more ideas i had. in fact i'm pretty sure i had about a hundred and one ideas, but now that i'm on here, i'm not sure where to start! i guess it's a safe bet to say this blog was created primarily to track my little ruby lemon, so those of my friends and family who aren't so local, and even those who are; can watch her grow up via photos and stories. it's always fun to be able to look back and see how much things have changed and see how far we've come, and often times pictures are a fun way of doing that... even as i write this, i know that in a year, i'll have a hard time remembering all the funny faces my daughter is making at the age of two months and the cute little things she does. Of course in a year she'll be making different funny faces and doing new cute things, but i know i'll enjoy looking back on this blog and seeing how she has matured and grown from a precious little baby into a beautiful little girl. now don't get me wrong, i'll also be posting my other favorite past time ( the first of course being my girl) which is of course my constant search for priceless treasure...most often found by means of the long beach antique flea market. i love to show off my finds! i'm sure this will be a fun experience, and i look forward to getting used to this ( i just figured out the space for cryin out loud). i would appreciate any advice and or suggestions you might have to make my blog a wee bit cuter, and a little more me!

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Ruby'sGrammy said...

Well, let's face it, Ruby Lou is Rubalicious! She is the perfect little pumpkin and I am in need of a Ruby Fix! Stand and deliver!