Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ruby Visits Mickey's House!

Today my little lou is three months old and approximately twelve pounds....what a chunker! Yesterday in honor of her three month birthday, danny and i decided to take miss ruby to Disneyland to celebrate before our passes expired. We figured we would let her be the youngest in the family to experience the magic kingdom. :) It will probably be a couple years before we renew our passes and take her back as she really isn't big enuf to fully enjoy all that Mr. Disney has to offer! Be that as it may, we dedided to make the most of our visit and stopped by City Hall and picked up a free button to commemorate Ruby's first visit. She's wearing it in the picture, but doing her best to hide it.

We also managed a picture with Halloween Minnie and decided to go on one ride....drumroll please.....and the winner is....."The Haunted Mansion"!!!! That's right the very first ride my babydoll went on was one of my two favorite rides, (the other being Space Mountain, which really wasn't an option yet) the haunted mansion. I especially love it right now since it's decorated for Halloween/Christmas, a la "The Nightmare Before Christmas", right up my alley! She actually loved it since they have all the high contrast colors lit up under the black light...i've never seen her eyes open quite so wide. ;)

Ruby & Minnie

Enjoying Haunted Mansion
After that we headed over to the MadHatter to purchase her first set of ears, but decided against it as her little chunker head is apparently not quite chunky enuf to warrant a hat. You would think Disney would have marketed infant ears by this point in time being as that they will sell ANYthing that makes money, but alas the ingenious idea has apparently not yet come to them!

After that we made our way home and stopped for some yummy Mexican food, and of course my perfect baby slept thru dinner and all the way home. It was a fun day despite the heat, and i'm pretty sure Ruby had the time of her life!
Before I sign off, i should probably explain the title of this post. When i was little, every time i heard someone say Mickey Mouse, I thought they were saying Mickey's House, and so i adressed him as such! I could probably do a whole post on phrases kids hear and either mishear or misunderstand. In fact I actually have a kids book on the very subject....hmmm, better save that one for later!

My Chunky Monkey

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Handart19 said...

Holy crap that is a cute pic! I can see that goin' on a card!
-Auntie Mander